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Duckworth Seeks to Serve his Community in the Minnesota Senate

LAKEVILLE, MN – January 24, 2020 – Veteran, volunteer firefighter, and Lakeville School Board Chair Zach Duckworth announced his campaign for the Minnesota Senate on Friday with the following statement:

“As a Lakeville graduate, father of two, and chair of the school board I know firsthand how amazing our local schools are, but I also know there’s more we can do at the state level to support our kids and their education – and it has to be a priority.  I was 17 years old when I raised my hand to join the Minnesota Army National Guard as an Infantryman; living a life dedicated to the service of my country and community is all I’ve ever known.  Just as I answered our nation’s call to serve when my National Guard unit was deployed to the Middle East, I’m now answering the call to serve as your Senator to fight for the values that Minnesotans care about most.

As your Senator, I will work to make sure every student in our community receives the world-class education they deserve.  I will ensure that we invest in roads, bridges, and infrastructure to support our growing economy and small businesses.  I will fight for folks with pre-existing conditions to keep their healthcare.  I will prioritize taking care of our Veterans and First Responders, as well as, protecting our senior citizens.  Last, but not least, I will never stop working hard on behalf of Minnesota families who continue to work harder and harder yet still struggle to get ahead.  We owe them solutions to the challenges they face – the cost of health and childcare are becoming insurmountable burdens for many families.

It’s time for leadership that prioritizes selfless service and is focused on solving the problems that achieve meaningful results for our community and state.  This election isn’t about me, it’s about every Minnesotan out there who desires a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones - I’m excited to get to work!”

About Zach:  Zach grew up in Lakeville and married his high school sweetheart, Carly.  They are small business owners and are raising their two kids in the community they love. Zach was commissioned as an Infantry Officer in the Minnesota Army National Guard via the University of Minnesota’s ROTC program and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his service overseas as a Platoon Leader.  He also serves as a volunteer firefighter on the Lakeville Fire Department, as well as, the chair of the Lakeville School Board.  He attended college at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul where he also earned his M.B.A.

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