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Economic Prosperity

As a family man and small business owner I firmly believe that lowering the tax burden on families and businesses, exercising spending restraint, and creating and maintaining a fair, honest, and competitive business environment are essential for achieving economic prosperity.

Educate our Children

Minnesota should have a well-rounded knowledge-based curriculum to prepare our students to be good citizens, with an emphasis on hard work, honesty, home and family, as well as, a respect for the values up on which America was founded.  Parents must have choices for their children’s education and all public schools, including colleges and universities, should be held accountable for all funds received and spent.

Defend America at Home and Abroad

My experience as a Veteran has taught me that we can maintain peace by having a strong national defense, securing our borders, and by seeking principled international relationships.  America’s military must be well prepared, well armed, and ready to protect our national security interest.  I fully support our troops, including active duty members, Reserves, National Guard, veterans and their mission.  We must continue to support their efforts to keep our nation safe.

Protect our Health Care

Through genuine market competition and granting people choices, we can make health care more affordable, of higher quality and available to more Americans, while protecting privacy.  Allow insurance sales across state lines.  Reward patients who take greater responsibility for their own care and wellness.  Allow small businesses to join together in group employee health plans.  Expand health savings accounts.  Make all health insurance premiums tax exempt.  Make all health care expenses fully tax deductible.  Provide greater transparency on the performance and costs of all health care providers.

Strengthen our Families and Preserve Civil Rights

We are “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.”  Defending the right to life, protecting religious and political liberties, expecting the government to treat all of its citizens equally under the law, respecting personal privacy and property, and protecting the right to bear arms are priorities.  We also recognize the central roles that family and faith based programs play in our society and communities.

Protect Public Safety

As a volunteer firefighter I understand first hand that the most fundamental function of government is to keep citizens safe and our property secure.  We must fund our public safety agencies accordingly and provide our first responders with the resources they need during and after their service.

Government Efficiency

I support keeping government functions in state, local or private hands, electing honest and responsive legislative bodies,
advocating for fair election processes, and generally making government smaller and better.

Strengthen the Rule of Law

It's important to limit frivolous lawsuits, preserve judicial elections, hold judges accountable, and respect the rule of law.

Enjoy and Protect our Natural Resources

Economic development of natural resources can be balanced with environmental stewardship - those that cause pollution should bear the cost of environmental clean-up.  We should follow commonsense practices in forest, wetlands and wildlife management, and promote multiple uses of natural
resources when possible.  It's important to encourage free enterprise in the agricultural economy, and support technological advances in the creation, processing, and use of agricultural products and natural resources.

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